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B&C: A Real Estate and Civil Litigation Firm With Unique Experience & Exceptional Service

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Let us be your first contact! 

Whether your need involves a real estate transaction, or a general legal question, give us a call! 

Sometimes, the best advice an attorney can give you is some direction, or  a referral for the best attorney to review your unique situation. 

We have the experience, contacts, and wisdom to help advise our clients to achieve the best outcomes for them.  When its time to be aggressive, we know how to do that too!   


Speaking with the Judge

Real Estate Transactions from A to Z

From the purchase or sale of your home, to pursuing zoning variances for your commercial property, let us help you confidently move forward.

Signing a Contract


Your "Claims Attorney"


Personal Injury Claims and Litigation

A Strategic and Practical Approach

Signing a Contract

Commercial & Business Litigation

When you or your business encounter a situation with contracts, vendors, employees or potential liabilities, we can help.  Let our litigation experience guide your business and business practices to avoid litigation, or at least put you in a winning position.  If, or when, a lawsuit may be brought against you and your business, let me help.  It may be necessary for us to file a lawsuit and take the fight to the adversary to achieve results for you.

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P.O. Box 1385
Bloomington, IL  61702

(309) 825-6214

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